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Residential Homes

Are you a contractor, private owner or investor in need of quick capital for a residential mortgage? New build or flip, we have money to lend and provide highly competitive hard money loan rates.

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3 Easy Steps

Easy 3 Step Loans

No need to sweat the loan process any longer. Our easy 3 step loan process is simple, quick and easy. We approve most loans within hours of your online application.


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Private, Hard, and Owner Finance Money Loans Made Easy

Customer Service

You’re our top priority and we aim to ensure you are well taken care of. While our claim to fame may be faster easy hard money loans, our high level of customer service doesn’t take second place.

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Independence Capital Group is here to help make private money,hard money, and owner finance loans lending easy. We want to you to succeed and will help provide the tools and expertise to make your venture and adventure rather than a misventure. Call or click today to get the loan process started.





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We make private money, hard money and owner finance loans easy. Simply Apply, Verify, then Fund. So why wait, get started now.

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